Lightspeed report: Anakin’s Grandchildren

After watching Star Wars The Force Awakens 9 times in the theater, as well as reading all the theories posted online. I really have to say if Rey is not a Skywalker its going to throw of the entire saga. If this movie isn’t about Anakin’s grandchildren then these movies should not be episodes 7,8,9. All the evidence points to Rey being Luke’s daughter Skywalker.

Rey is a Skywalker is because she is literally walking the path of her father before her. She is a manifest of the light side of the force. Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) is walking the path of the Dark Side. Its prefect yin and yang. The lightside of Anakin verses the darkside of Vader. Symbolically Anakin Skywalker is still struggling with the Light and Darkness after death. His grandchildren are the living fight of his soul. If Rey also has Anakin’s blood then Snoke will want her too which could lead to a very awesome story arch.

Everybody also knows who she is without saying who she is! Kylo Ren straight up knew her. He even says to her in TFA novel “it is you”. The hug Leia gave to Rey screamed its you. The biggest evidence is at the end when Rey finds Luke. He’s standing over a grave then turns to Rey. When she shows him the lightsaber I think two things were running to through his head. Shes alive..and she could fall too. Which is why his face is described as kind and happy but tormented. He also looked like he was going to burst into tears. The shot pans out to Luke the grave and Rey. The Grave may be Rey’s mother’s. The Saga has always been about the Skywalker bloodline. We are going to be getting new stories and characters with the anthology movies, literally have our cake and eat it too.

13 thoughts on “Lightspeed report: Anakin’s Grandchildren

  1. I have to agree with you on this. The new movies should be about the grand children. This could also be considered a true balance point. 2 Jedi and 2 sith.

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    1. The only problem I have with that is if you kill off Kylo Ren then that’s it. No more Skywalker bloodline. The Saga trilogy needs to focus on that bloodline. I really don’t think Rey should be a random girl whos just all strong in the force. In my opinion that’s just lazy writing. It would mean so much more if her and Anakin shared the same blood. It could set up a possible redemption story arch. She can also be the Skywalker who gets it right and rebuilds the new Jedi Order after Luke. Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams said this is a generational film about the Skywalker’s. Plus with all the evidence we have it would make know sense for her to just be a random girl strong in the force. We are already getting that story arch in the show Star Wars Rebels.


  2. My personal theory is that Kylo Ren is the one who dropped Rey on Jakku. After all, he’s noticeably upset when he learns that a girl accompanied Finn and BB-8 off the planet. It’s the only time he threatens an officer of the First Order instead of just slicing up expensive equipment with his lightsaber. He could have either had a moment of weakness during the jedi massacre and spared her, or he specifically did it so that he would have someone very powerful to train after he finishes his own training. He could have faked her death in doing so; that way nobody else would look for her.

    Either way, I’m heavily leaning toward Rey being a Skywalker as well. The only good argument I’ve seen against it is that it’s a bit too obvious.

    In case you’re interested, I wrote a lengthy post about why Rey isn’t a Mary Sue –

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