Lightspeed Report: The Death of Han Solo

I’ll never forget the first time I saw The Force Awakens. I loved the movie from beginning to end. One of the best parts was when the Millennium Falcon door opened and seeing Han and Chewie again . “Chewie we’re home”, The crowd clapped and cheered with excitement. The Force Awakens gave us the epic return of Han Solo, and also a sad farewell. I’ve always thought if Han died it would be in a blaze of glory with his best Wookie pal. Instead he takes a saber to the gut by his own son.

From what I’ve learned so far Han and Leia did get married. After Ben turned into Kylo Ren they separated. Leia formed the Resistance and Han went back to smuggling. My guess is that Kylo Ren was only a Teenager when he turned to the dark side. When the first order attacked Maz’s castle Han saw his son for the first time in years. After trying to stay away from Leia for so long, seeing his son made him realize he had to face his wife again. He really thought Leia didn’t want to see him, but that was far from the truth. Han believed Ben is gone forever, Leia disagrees and says that there is still light in him and wants there son back. After a tear jerking reunion Finn, Chewbacca and Han set course for Starkiller base. Leia’s last words to Han were if you see our son bring him home.

On Starkiller base Han finds Kylo Ren and confronts him. Kylo Ren tells Han that his Son is gone and that he was weak and foolish like his father. Kylo Ren holds a major grudge against his father. Han tells Ben that Snoke is just using him for his power. Han asks Kylo to come home with him and everyone misses him. Kylo in tears tells Han he is being torn apart and needs help to stop the pain. Kylo asks for his fathers help. Han said he would do anything. Kylo hands Han his lightsaber and Han grabs it. People are saying that Han turned the saber on himself. I disagree I think it was supposed to be symbolic. Han starts to pull the lightsaber from Kylo. That quick scene was supposed to represent the pull from the light that Kylo needed to sever. Kylo Ren ignited his saber that pierced through Han. Leia felt it and collapsed. The last moment we see of Han was touching his sons face before falling to the bottom of the Starkiller base. In the end Han didn’t go out in a blaze of glory. He went out like a man trying to save the son he walked away from. A beautiful tragedy ended his story arc.han solo

3 thoughts on “Lightspeed Report: The Death of Han Solo

  1. Haha! You really should put a spoiler warning on that header! If some geek who has yet to see the film would stumble upon this post he whould FIND YOU. And KILL YOU. 😀 (or is it OK to actually talk about this film like adults now? I always wondered what the expiration date for movie “secrets” was.)

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